Friday, March 21, 2014

Post 19

So at the start of second semester, I entered the creative writing class taught by Mr. Campion and Mr. Budday (Tom). Every week we are required to write a poem and since then, my creative gears have not stopped turning I have been writing poem after poem after poem.  It has been so long since I've written poetry and now that I'm back into it, I can't turn off the flowing creativity. I was up until TWO IN THE MORNING the other night writing ideas for poems down and I'm hoping that with this new creative burst I could possibly turn some of my poems into songs.

I love the feeling of being filled with new ideas that never stop coming to me. I think because it has been so long since I've written poetry, it is all coming through now and the feeling is intoxicating.  I am actually reading at a poetry slam on Saturday and I am really excited.  I've been working with Tom after school to rework some of my poems.  Hopefully this will break my fear of opening myself up to people, because just like songs, poems are very personal.  I am very excited for this and am really happy that I am back into writing.  I'm hoping to get songs out of it as well so I am very very happy.  I know I'm getting a bit of a late start on writing, but I am excited for the possibility that I will have more than one song by June.

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  1. Poetry is a great outlet for creativity. Congratulations also on your positive poetry flow, that is awesome. Sometimes starting is the hardest part but once you commit it will get easier and easier and your material will get better and better.
    Goof luck at your poetry slam! You should share your poetry online too, it is a great way to spread your word! It i very personal because as you said you are opening up a part of yourself to other people.
    Best of luck!